Specialized Training

Courses Available

Control and Risk Self-Assessment: Duration 2 days

This is a "hands on", practical workshop in which Internal Auditors and Compliance Staff can create a Risk Profile of their organisation. In addition, all delegates will receive a copy of the bespoke Control and Risk Self-Assessment (CRSA) software developed by CGC to implement and operate CRSA within an organisation.


Insurance Training for Auditors: Duration 5 days

This course is intended for experienced Internal Auditors who are new to the Insurance industry. Its intention is not to train the delegates in Internal Audit techniques, but to explain how this complicated industry works and to help delegates adapt their existing Internal Audit techniques to cater for the specific challenges of auditing the Insurance industry. The course covers all major aspects of the industry: life assurance, general insurance and reinsurance.


The Audit of the Actuarial Function: Duration 1 day

This course follows on from the Insurance Industry Audit course; it examines the challenges presented to the Internal Auditor when embarking on an audit of this very complex area of the Life Assurance industry. Due to its perceived complexity, this is very often an area that is not examined in detail by Internal Auditors in the insurance industry – yet it is one of the areas of greatest risk to any Life Assurer.

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