Audit Module Training

Audit Modules

Module 1: Duration 5 days

A series of training courses from three to five days' duration is available for Internal Auditors of all levels (from entry level to those with senior manager potential).

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to complete internal audits or compliance reviews using a risk based methodology. The course is a mixture of formal, taught inputs, individual and group activities. The focus of the course is the completion of a case study, which develops the knowledge and skills gained from the formal, taught elements of the course. The participants will develop Risk Profiles and Risk Matrices using the Control And Risk Evaluation (CARE) software developed by CGC.


Module 2: Duration 5 days

Candidates for this course would be Internal Auditor or Compliance Staff with at least one year of practical experience.

Building on the knowledge and skills developed in ATM 1 and the practical experience of the participants, ATM 2 covers the application of auditing skills to the Information Technology aspects of an organisation's business processes. It also covers the use of technology to assist in the audit process. In addition, ATM 2 also covers the behavioural aspects of auditing including leadership and management skills.


Module 3: Duration 3 days

Candidates for this course would be Senior Internal Auditors or Compliance Staff. This course is also useful for evaluating Internal Audit or Compliance staff who appear to have the potential for further development.

This course is entirely case-study based; it assumes that a high level of audit experience already exists within the delegates. This is not an audit training course; the intention is to allow staff, considered to be ready for senior audit work, to try out their team working skills, their all-round communication skills, their organisational skills, their diplomacy and their tenacity – all in the safe environment of a workshop atmosphere.

For the three days of this workshop, delegates will be in a simulated but very realistic corporate environment; the Managing Director, Audit Committee Chairman, Finance Director and Director of R&D will all be individually skilled in their roles. Corporate documentation, even down to several years' past Board Minutes, is totally realistic. Plus, there are several surprises along the way.

The final presentation to the full Board could be quite daunting - but very realistic! Will the team change their findings when confronted by insistent Board members? The personal debriefings at the end of the workshop are equally professional, providing a personal record of the delegate's performance and the views of skilled professionals on each delegate's strengths and weaknesses.

This whole workshop is designed for senior Internal Auditors and Compliance Staff to gain valuable experience of dealing with senior management in a multinational company under difficult circumstances. Individual delegates are assigned to a team, but if an organisation desires a team of their own staff to go through the workshop this can be arranged.

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