Risk Management Services

We have worked with numerous well-known financial institutions worldwide to help them implement Enterprise Risk Management solutions. What many of them have found invaluable is CGC's database of generic risk profiles covering all of the functions of such institutions: banks, insurance companies, and investment firms.

This database helps facilitate implementation of ERM systems across the various Business Units and ensures that all major risks are identified.

Whilst most of our clients in the financial services arena choose to base their ERM solutions around a functionally structured Risk database, we have, due to the flexibility of our CARE system, been able to structure such databases on either product or process lines.

One of CGC's strengths is its experience in providing Risk Management solutions to Islamic Banks. CGC has developed a unique approach to meet the requirements of these specialized organizations.

Services Offered

CGC offers a wide range of Risk Management services, including:

  1. Implementation of a complete Enterprise Risk Management system;
  2. Introduction of CRSA including conducting workshops and developing Self-Assessment Compliance Tests;
  3. Conducting Basel II Gap analyses;
  4. Implementation of Operational Risk Management systems that meets Basel II requirements;
  5. Independent Valuation of a Business Unit, activity or organization control environment;
  6. Quality Checks on Risk Management practices;
  7. Risk Management Training;
  8. Linking Risk Management and Internal Audit activities together based on a common Risk database.