Internal Audit

The integration of Internal Audit with Risk Management is a key element in good Corporate Governance, and the ability of your Internal Audit team to tailor their activities so as to constantly react to perceived weaknesses within your organization is vital in maintaining a sound control environment.

Developing Internal Audit rating systems which are clear and are understood by the auditee — perhaps even being linked to a Balanced Scorecard system — is key to an efficient Internal Audit operation. Since we can call on extensive skills in both Internal Audit and Risk Management, we are able to provide essential advice and practical help in achieving the above goals.

This includes:

  • Integration of the Risk Database with Internal Audit's workplans;
  • Development of Compliance Tests for controls in the Risk Database (we have an extensive library of Compliance Test templates already developed);
  • Development of Internal Audit rating methodologies, again based around data in the Risk Database;
  • Internal Audit Annual Planning methodology - which is an integral part of our Risk Management software;
  • Automation of Internal Audit working papers.


CGC can supply you with staff at all levels to provide interim cover in both Risk Management and Internal Audit functions. All of our interim Risk Management staff are certified to our own exacting standards, and our interim Internal Audit staff are qualified accountants with a level of experience commensurate with the role they are being asked to perform.