CAREweb ERM Software

Essential Elements:

  • Corporate risk parameters
  • Enterprise risks
  • Strategies & objectives
  • Organizational risk structure (function, process, product etc.)
  • Risk register
  • Controls register
  • Risk evaluation
  • Key risk indicators
  • Risk prediction module
  • Compliance tests
  • Substantive tests
  • Comprehensive output

Our state-of-the-art, web-based, multi-lingual Enterprise Risk Management software is the cornerstone of our ERM methodology.

For the first time all of the disciplines involved in an ERM solution — Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Health & Safety — can all contribute to and derive specialist data from the same database.

This, coupled with a unique Risk Prediction module and the ability to monitor Key Risk Indicators, has allowed us to move ERM from the "We Think" era of the 20th century to the "We know" level needed to manage risks in the 21st century and to avoid the spectacular risk-induced corporate failures we have seen recently.

See a page of examples of output from the CAREweb ERM software.

For a personalized demonstration of the CAREweb software in your own organization, contact us to arrange an appointment.